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At this stage, we receive your tender documents and drawings and analyse them carefully. Thanks to our vast industry experience, we can offer value engineered guidance where possible to ensure you receive the highest quality solution at the best price.

HMH Civils are proud to have our own in-house, fully staffed estimating department. This means that we can return your tenders as soon as possible, without having to outreach to other companies. We offer a broader solution to your tender at this point, providing you with the information you need to go back to other decision makers with.


We understand and expect that your tender will undergo changes during the early stages of its processing, possibly all the way up to construction starting, and are well equipped to handle this. Having an in-house team means that we can react quickly and efficiently to any changes or queries you may have regarding your tender.

Our experience working with local authorities means that we have an in-depth understanding of regulations that may apply to public works and how to adhere to them.

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With over 300 permanent operatives covering a wide range of skill sets and our own fleet of plant and equipment, HMH Civils are extremely well positioned to ensure your project is completed smoothly and efficiently.

Downtime on-site is kept to a minimum as we never have to wait around for another company to deliver equipment or outsource tasks to different workforces. All of this leads to a professional and effective service.


HMH Civils has its own internal QA systems that ensure everything is as it should be as each element of the project is completed.

We have our own in-house customer care department and operatives who can react to any post-construction requirements, normally within the same day.

All sites are left clean and tidy when the project is completed, with all excess material being removed before work is finished.

We can also manage the adoption process by local authorities or councils on adoptable projects, ensuring that all bonds and guarantees are upheld.

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